2019 Readers’ Favorite Award-Winner!!!

Fantastic news to share -- The Onyx Crown has won 4th place (Honorable Mention) in the Reader's Favorite - Epic Fantasy category for 2019! Considering the thousands of books under consideration by the judging committee, this is a great honor for me! Here's to book two, The Onyx Inferno breaking into the top three!  Thanks to all the readers and reviewers for making this possible.  --AH

November 11th, 2019|

Exciting News!!! (BLERDCON DC)

I've been invited to be a guest panelist at the annual BlerdCon DC convention in Washington, DC. The panel topic will be "Black Fantasy: Is This a Telling of What's to Come?"   I hope those of you in the area or who travel to attend BlerdCon every year will come by and introduce yourselves.  Information on the convention is below.

June 1st, 2019|

Color or Colour?

I'm trying to do these updates to book two, and my software editor keeps dinging me that I'm using the American version of a word versus the British (favorite vs favourite) is another one. Obviously, the editor needs to be reconfigured for American, but it occurred to me that for some reason, it just looks smarter with that extra 'U' in there. Combined with the fact that a lot of my readers [...]

March 31st, 2019|

Timeline of My Youth

I've been reading books for so long, as I think back I can almost identify parts of my childhood by what I was reading at that time. My young years (around age 9) were when I became in love with fantasy books by Tolkien and Lloyd Alexander. When I became a pre-teen, of course I sought out the more scandalous Judy Blume stuff--"Forever" comes to mind right off-hand. My mid-teenage years [...]

November 3rd, 2018|

Notes and Haystacks

I'm definitely not losing my mind. I created several awesome notes on the third installment of OCS (Onyx Crown Series) yesterday. Google Keep is my note taking tool of choice nowadays--but suddenly that name sounds like false advertising. I'VE LOST all of those great ideas for what to do with Farahaddin's backstory. 🙁 Is this what we're supposed to use that annoying "labels" feature for, Google? I wonder....

October 29th, 2018|
Reviews for the Onyx Crown