Timeline of My Youth

I've been reading books for so long, as I think back I can almost identify parts of my childhood by what I was reading at that time. My young years (around age 9) were when I became in love with fantasy books by Tolkien and Lloyd Alexander. When I became a pre-teen, of course I sought out the more scandalous Judy Blume stuff--"Forever" comes to mind right off-hand. My mid-teenage years [...]

November 3rd, 2018|

Notes and Haystacks

I'm definitely not losing my mind. I created several awesome notes on the third installment of OCS (Onyx Crown Series) yesterday. Google Keep is my note taking tool of choice nowadays--but suddenly that name sounds like false advertising. I'VE LOST all of those great ideas for what to do with Farahaddin's backstory. 🙁 Is this what we're supposed to use that annoying "labels" feature for, Google? I wonder....

October 29th, 2018|